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How to easily make awesome video for your gig!


I was looking for a way to grab some attention with my gig so I decided to make a video. It turned amazing! You seriously have to check it. I don’t do animated videos but I found a really great site for that, I’m not allowed to share links but if anyone is interested I’ll be more then happy to PM them site. This is not a promotion of that site I just want to share this with a community and maybe help someone!


Nice video indeed. I’m a bit perplexed by the descriptions of the packages and by the FAQ.
Humour is a card among the others, but you never know how it’s received across the table.



@pacquo well you might be right about humor in my gig… It might be too much? Anyone else have opinion on humor in gigs? Should it stay professional or it’s good thing to have jokes in gig?


Professional is best in my opinion!


In my opinion, the FAQs section on your gig make it looks different. I personally have a clear line of something that’s defined as “different” and “stand out”. I believe buyers here came with different cultures, and jokes might not work for certain buyers.

It’s best to keep everything straightforward and professional, i think.