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How to eat cake and get abs!


I was always a big believer in flexible dieting. The ability to be able to eat whatever you want, when you want and still lose weight! How exciting is that?! First, you will need to understand the concept of flexible dieting and how calories work. Next, you will need to work on create a workout routine that you can stick to, remember that consistency is key! Last but not least, you will need to live your life and enjoy! For those who are interested in learning and achieving the physique you’ve always wanted, please feel free to message me for a free consultation and we can figure something out for me to help you aquire that dream body!


Interesting gig and I see a lot of potential. There are a couple things that come to mind to enhance it…

Some ideas:
First, how about instead of a side by side of the NOW results, replace one of the images with a before and keep one as the after pic for your gig preview pic. That would really make the seller say “wow, that is me now and that could be me if I buy this gig”.

The gig description could be extended. Look at what you just wrote above, there are a lot of points that are not written in the gig.

Maybe gain some trust by explaining how you have already helped others achieve their goals and so on. Also, readjust the title to complete the sentence “I will…”, be creative. Just a quick search and there are a few similar gigs like this, take a look and should spark some ideas to improve yours.

Good luck on your gig!


I appreciate the feedback! Your ideas are great. I am going to incorporate it into the post as soon as I can get onto the computer :slight_smile: