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How to edit a request

I’m a total newbie and I realize that I need to edit my request to better explain what i need. But where oh where do I find my request and is there an edit feature?
Thanks for your help!

This is a very bad practice. There should be an option to edit requests. If some seller asks for more specific info, this should be shared with everyone, within the post.

I have the same problem. Just posted it and then read it and thought I could clarify a little but no edit button. Silly!

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plus 1 to this .
until a particular sellers gig has been ordered , your request should be editable and an edit notification sent to all respondents … emminently doable

This is something that need to be worked out. Possibly not an edit button, but perhaps a clarification button, where one can make clearer what is needed, as a lot of sellers shotgun method and trying to find someone capable is daunting when there is much to sort through.

This answer make no practical sense.
How can any buyer be expected to send all 20 sellers the changes to the request…?

5 years old and nothing??? how do i edit a job request???

You can’t edit your proposal.

Next time read buyer’s requirements carefully and read through your proposal, edit it before submitting the request.

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