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How to Edit "About the seller" section in my profile?

I am very new to Fiverr. I just published my gig and after reviewing my profile, I felt that i had to update the section titled “About the Seller”.

I hovered over “Edit Gig” at the top corner of my profile to hopefully update the information, but I wasn’t able to find that section.

If any of you have experienced this situation before and know how to solve it, would really appreciate your comments.

Go to your profile.

Go to my profile and what?

To find the option to edit your description.

If you read my post, thats my problem! I can’t find that option for the “About the seller”, but I am able to edit the rest of my profile sections.

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Click your username under your profile image. You can scroll down and edit your profile description.

Found it, Thanks for the help.

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