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How to edit inbox Messages?


A few days ago I have sent a Messages. The Messages was wrong. Now l need to edit this message. How to edit this messages? If anyone can give me solve it will be very helpful.


hi, u can’t edit old message so just send correct message again…


Thank you. But if it were this action. It will be very fine.


True, the ability to edit sent messages will be helpful… but it also opens up an avenue for abuse so I don’t think Fiverr will implement it.


it’s impossible to edit a message which already been sent.


why do you want to edit it? Just send the right texts again.


You can’t edit your old messages.


Thank you, wayesparash!


Thank you, hedayetsaadi556!


Thank you, sandm4n!


no edit option,you can sent him correct message and tell him sorry for incorrect message.


you have to say sorry for you behavior and send him right message. you can put the image lik