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How to edit my review?


Does anyone know how to edit a review? And which steps to take to do that?


Are you a buyer? If yes, there are two ways. One is for the seller to open a dispute in the Resolution Center and request feedback revision (if you accept, you’ll be able to edit your review), and the other is to contact Customer Support and ask them for help.


Thanks for your support, I asked for removal of the feedback.


You can actually edit the gig very easy. If it’s within 30 days you can always go back to order page and right bellow you have an “Edit / Remove Feedback”.

You can simply remove it for good or edit it.

Either way, you can do it yourself without asking for support if it’s within that period of time.


@spark4hope This does not work anymore. Buyers cannot edit reviews unless the seller allows it or Customer Support intervenes.


@fonthaunt Oh really? Why they changed that? It wasn’t something bad.

Sorry for miss-informing.


I suppose Customer Support would be best to answer the “why” question. It seems to have pros and cons. It prevents buyers from asking for free work later and coming back to downgrade a review, which is good. On the down side, if the buyer wants to upgrade a mistaken review, they can’t do it easily. Fiverr also no longer allows people to offer refunds in exchange for a review removal or edit. So, it’s just new policy. There is more on it in the help pages on


Thanks anyways. This is what I got back from Customer Service. Very clearly explained.

So that you can update your feedback, please reach out to the seller, and ask them to use the Resolve Now button at the top of their order page to send you a feedback modification request.

The seller’s feedback modification request will appear as a dispute on your order page. Please click the “Accept” button in the dispute box to accept the seller’s request. You will then be able to edit your feedback.

For more information, please review our [Feedback and Ratings)( article.


I tried that Resolve Now button yesterday, and nothing happened. I got a short message to contact customer support. I had delivered the order 17 days previously.


3 Days…


So it’s 3 days after the delivery?
Or 3 days after the review is left?
So he waited about two weeks to leave a review, so because of that we are out of luck to use the Resolve Now button?


The user has 30 days to leave a review POST-delivery.
Once a review has been left, (until the latest update), the review could be updated WITHIN 3 days.

So not sure if the condition still holds true after the latest update.

Could you post a Screenshot of your situation maybe?


Can we use attachments here or do we need to use html to post a screenshot?


Just use the upload button to add an image like below:


I could not change my review within 3 days. I had to reach out to the
seller to press the resolve button so I could change the review. I am not
sure id I had to ask customer service as well to prepare something with the
order first to open the review area first for changes.


Update : I was recently told by the CS that they can’t modify a feedback, they can only remove it. (This mightnot give you the option to leave a feedback again.) So ask the seller to open a dispute for feedback.


There is still a lot of confusion that prevails all over the forum about new feedback policy rules.

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