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How to edit the canvas size in Illustrator or Photoshop?


Which programs are best for designing large banners? The maximum canvas size in Illustrator or Photoshop is 227" x 227" , Is there any way to increase the canvas size?
I want to design a banner larger than 250 inches and somehow It won’t fit the canvas. Kindly give me suggestions.


Illlustrator dont have maximun size, if you design on vector, the size its unlimited…


and even, if yo use PS or ILL its the same, both programs can use Vector files… vector never pixelated cuz its a mathematical ecuation convert into a line or color form… if you resize, the formula still get the same form…


These are things that I recommend you better search on YouTube, a video tutorial helps more than my words. :slight_smile:


I want to design a 7 x 1.4 m banner but the 7 m won’t fit the art-board, It says this size is larger than canvas size


here is one tutorial i found, learn about it… i undesrtand the canvas problem (its because the biggest plotter program for dat year AI cant prin it) :slight_smile: its even Bigger and he can solve it… try it… tell me if it works


alright, thank-you so much for helping! let me watch it first :slight_smile:
I was thinking If I scale the dimensions to 50% and then double the printing scale?


that sound ideal, to use just a part of the Plotter… (its double job, but you can do it)