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How to effect in Fiverr if not active

Hi everybody,
I hope you are well. If I can’t active the Fiverr long time like 7 days. how can affect my account? Already That’s what happened to me. How can I easily get good results for my account now?.
Please tell me to help me.
Thank you


Yes I am good, Please read more and more Fiverr forum tips.
Then you know and create a good result.

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Your post is hard to understand.

Are you saying you were not active with your Fiverr account (as in you made an account, but let it sit and did not do anything with it) OR are you saying you just haven’t had any activity on your account for 7 days? OR are you saying you are not going to be able to do orders or tend to your Fiverr account for 7 days?

If you place your account on hiatus, it can affect your placement in the listings. Only way to recover is to get orders when you activate your account again after being OOO.



actually I can not active 7 days. I want back my gig rank. I’m a new seller.

Only way to get back your Gig rank is to be active (and I don’t mean 24/7 active either) and get orders. If you were not active for 7 days, other listings likely took your spot. Your placement in the listings is not guaranteed and does change regardless of whether you are active or not - to help promote all sellers.



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