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How to effectively tell buyers to message me before ordering?

Hi everyone! I need advice to effectively communicate to buyers. The problem is many buyers are placing orders before contacting me. My gig’s description tells all buyers to message me before placing an order. Many buyers in recent weeks are ignoring the description. They just place an order and say they followed all of my directions when finalizing their order.

I just move on and complete the order in most cases. I only had to contact customer support on one occasion as a buyer wanted me to copy an article from another website. That is a major copyright violation.

I also own two websites and I will not write topics that will compete against me. That would be a counterproductive practice. I also will not write articles to support certain political beliefs. I would like to kindly turn down a request instead of cancelling it.

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You can try to bold or highlight the text as well as put it in the beginning of your gig description. With this, that will be the first thing people will see when reading the gig description. Another way to get the message out is placing something like “contact me before ordering” on your gig photos. You can place it at the bottom of your gig photos, so it isn’t very intrusive.

Hi @blasterdark,

To be honest, there’s no real effective way to achieve it. Sorry for being so straightforward.

Fiverr is set so that anyone can place an order without previously contacting the seller. Yes, some buyers will be kind enough to contact you before ordering, but many others won’t.

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Increase your prices. Mention that in the text. It’s the only way that works, and it’s not perfect.