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How to empty shoping cart

thank you for your help, I have over 144 orders on my shopping cart and its starting to get confusing, how can I empty or delete the shopping history

An “X” sign will appear at the left of the item, clicking on the X will remove it from the Shopping Cart.

Thank you so much, it has been driving me crazy, as I didn’t know how to empty the basket and wanted to order more without paying for the ones I didn’t want. Thank you again! :slight_smile:

I order and pay, and the jobs complete, and my basket stays. I closed the browser, cleared the cache, they’re still there. This is a recent phenomenon.

Hi! Maybe you’ve figurered it out, but this is what I did (computer, Firefox):
I went to my shopping cart and chose “Remove gig” on everything I wanted to remove and then clicked on the top right link “continue shopping”. It’s now empty!

I did not get that at first… -_-

and the gigs stayed in my cart even though I’d paid for them here too…

i am unable to find cross sign on my shopping cart