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How to enable AVAILABLE NOW feature?


I want to how i can enable AVAILABLE NOW feature? as i did not found anywhere.

Help will be highly appreciated.

Thank you

Shabir Bhat


Shabirbhat go to your main page at the top of the dash board you will see, some icons click on the little man with the man in the air and proceed from there.


Thanks for your reply can you send screen shot?


go to your dash board and you will see it


This is what i can see


oh i see what you saying. there should be an icon beside buying i dont know why you are not seeing that icon.


yeah i dont have that system :frowning:


contact fiverr support


yes i created already a ticket for this


Please see this:


You also have to have under 10 or so orders in your queue to enable the feature. I asked about it, and was like, well that’s not a feature I’m going to be able to take advantage of very often. Although I think it’s a good feature if your queue is completed.


One needs to have max 5 orders, including Incomplete & Delivered (not completed) orders.

So basically if you have 3 orders where the buyer never submitted the info, and you just delivered 3 orders and have no more orders, you’ll be out of luck since it means you still have 6 “active” orders…

The logic of this feature is severely flawed :expressionless:


Even if you have filled up all the criteria you would not be able to turn it on unless fiverr will not allow you account