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How to enable denied gig?

My account is restricted from Fiverr . and Temporarily suspended.

What Can I do? This is my second warning.


I am sorry but what is that you are actually looking for here on the forum?

You did not share what you did to get the warning.


Read the TOS (since you clearly haven’t) and revise the gig, it’s not your first warning but your second! Surely that should be a wake up call?


Did they tell you what caused you to be restricted, or do you at least have an idea? Be sure to read the Terms of Service closely; there are a lot of smaller rules on there. I am not sure what happens when you have your account restricted, but if you can, edit your gigs and profile to line up with the guidelines.

i uploaded the Gig after then this is happened.

What was the Gig for?

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  • Gigs that are removed for violations are not eligible to be restored or edited.

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.