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Please tell me anyone


Remove the copyright content … And I think you should create new gig with your own content not others …


Are you still on Fiverr?


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I am also thinking that … He is still on fiverr… His next post will be how to reactive a disable account ?


yes am still on fiver.


You Fiverr profile is no longer visible to us. It looks like your account has either been suspended or deleted by Fiverr.


Yes you are right … And he is here for spamming the forum …


i know but its temporarily unvisible.


I don’t think spamming the forum will let your Fiverr seller account get disabled. It will get you banned from the forum only.

I know a user who is still selling on Fiverr, but banned to post on the forum.


All you can do now is wait and contact support (if you didn’t already)…


I haven’t told this . If a user’s seller account got banned then he can post on fiverr forum if the forum account will not ban. I am just telling that the person is here to spamming the forum by his post.You can see his created topics.


good idea thanks brother


Don’t want to scare you but it’s very rare for sellers to come back if fiverr puts your account under review with trust and safety team. Most likely your account will be banned.

And in the meantime for sure you can not reactivate your defined gigs. That’s why they are denied.

And I did warn you that with your behaviour you will get into trouble very soon.


Sadly I know of several in this situation. And although I understand why they got banned, I miss them. :disappointed_relieved: Many of them added a special something to the Forum.


This isn’t true. last month my account was temporary restricted by the fiverr due to some ToS violation. All of my gigs were denied. After review of trust and safety team they apologized for the restriction (sine it is system generated flag and there was no issue with me) and they made my account activated again, and all the denied gigs were re initiated. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, he is not saying why his account is restricted and based on how many rules he broke just in this forum and even after we warned him, I am not surprised to see that his account is restricted.

He showed tendency to break rules and still think that he is within his rights.

It will be good if he can get his account back, otherwise I’m sure he will keep spamming from a newly created account soon.


Yeah, that’s something can happen. I just replied for the quote you put just to correct it. It’s not anything about this specific user. :blush:


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