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How to enable withdrawals Dollar form my account

Hello all guys,

I’m in danger position. When i click withdraw,the attachment image shows there . How to withdraw Dollar form my account.Please tips me.Can i withdraw Dollar ??

I have always found that support is very helpful. Sometimes it can be a bit slow - but just imagine how many requests they must get a day! Good luck with everything and welcome to Fiverr! =)

It’s my first withdraw

I suggest you do as it says. Contact Support by clicking on the underlined “here”.

Generally fiverr Contact support service is not well.

They are not always as fast as one might want them to be, but if it says “to enable withdrawals, contact support”, the only way to be able to withdraw your money is to contact them.

Do you believe that I contact them the problem is solved

Thanks to catwriter and kjblynx

@hamidcoder contact to support you will get your Payment. no worry. sometime they response slow but problem definitely solve. cheers.