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How to encourage buyer to review their each order?

Hi All,

I am Saurabh aka @ saurabhpmondal

I have started working on Fiverr from February 2017, and got good orders as well in my first 2 months.

Main issue I come with is review, many of buyer don’t review the service, somewhere they don’t do it but places repeated orders :slight_smile: so I just want to know what should I do that most of them review their order.

I have 28 reviews out of 45 sells. Is it usual or what?

Looking forward to hear something that I can help everyone :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hear from all of you on this, as this may be everyone’s issue :slight_smile:



Dear seller,

Here is your gig, if I did something wrong then message back for a revision.
I would appreciate if you review my gig after you accept it

Signed, You

I send the same kind of message after every delivery, they don’t respond. Many of them repeat the order, but again no review :frowning:

Here is my message:

Hello Sir,

As I have completed the order, I would like to request you, If you like my services don’t forget to give me rating and share your experience. It means a lot to me, and will encourage me as well.

Also don’t forget to click on FAVORITE HEART SYMBOL on Top right of my gig for quick access to my Gig :slight_smile:

I would love to hear from you, and working with you again!


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Hi Saurabh. It’s not that unusual that people don’t review, but your 62% seems low.

So I looked at some of your reviews and you have a high number of short review/outstanding experience. As an outsider, to me, this means that buyers weren’t motivated to leave a personal review, and to me that means that you did as required but didn’t make a delivery that was exceptional enough that they wanted to review it. What is probably happening is that buyers that are not having a ‘great’ experience are choosing not to leave a review and this might be because they don’t want to leave 5 stars and so would rather not review at all.

What I’d advise you to do is to throw a little extra into your deliveries for a while. It doesn’t have to be much. See what kind of difference it makes.

Note also that your message is okay but I’d take out the ‘Hello Sir’ and change it to gender-neutral e.g.
‘Hi’. Female buyers don’t like to be called Sir and guessing it wrong could be a problem for you.


Thank you Sir,

This is really helpful. I have started implementing this, and today I received my 1st review which is great. And I will keep adding more to my delivery and services.

I really appreciate your comments and help :slight_smile:


I’m glad I could help, but I’m not a ‘sir’.