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How to encourage more positive reviews on your orders

I found that by adding one line of text every time I deliver an order, does two things…

  1. Increases the percentage of buyers who take the time to review my gig

  2. Increases the percentage of positive reviews (versus negative) by giving me a chance to fix problems BEFORE they result in a “thumbs down” review

    That one line is…

    Let me know if there is anything else I can do to ensure a Thumbs Up review on this order.

    Hope this helps,

    Anthony Curtis

I personally include the line:

"If you are happy, could you kindly also mark this as complete by leaving a review.

If you have any issues, changes or queries, please message me before leaving a review.


I agree with the comment above, specifically telling someone to leave a positive review makes me cringe - I prefer to be more subtle.

I don’t ask for ratings. Usually, the buyer leaves a rating or a review on their own. I have noticed however, that most of the time when they don’t…it’s on smaller orders. So the more they spend, the more likely they are to leave feedback.


Yes. Being proactive and professional is a valuable tool for Sales and Feedback.

You can use the following line to… However I am not disregarding @rpmanthony line.

Attached is your file etc.

Please be kind and leave me a positive rating, your rating will enable me to continue to offer this wonderful service!


Why do I cringe when a seller asks me for a positive review, even if I was getting ready to leave him/her one anyway? Maybe it’s just me. I want my buyers to be inspired by my service to leave one. If they don’t oh well.

The OPs sentence is subtle though so it’s ok.

Hi Anthony,

to encourage more positive reviews on my orders i usually send this message:


Please don’t forget to rate my gig if you’re satisfied, thanks :slight_smile:

I really like rpmanthony’s technique because it’s subtle. It reminds them about feedback without blatantly asking them to leave feedback, and it does also open a line of dialogue if there are any issues with the order. I’m going to start using this line.

1: Always deliver in-time. (if you are late, communicate with buyer and tell them why it gets late)

2: Always give something extra (a little surprise work)

3: In Delivery ask your buyer to leave you a review, in case of any problems communicate before leaving negative.

I follow these simple steps and i am so far getting almost 90% reviews from completed orders and so far 100% are positive.

Reply to @wingle: YES, always give them a little bonus! Thanks wingle.

Nice tip, but to increase page review i prefer delivering on time and making sure that all promises in descriptions are fulfiled.

Interesting tips, thanks. I’ve had many positive reviews but a lot of buyers who havnt reviewed me at all unfortunately.

@thecreativeguys - nice lines.

I never ask for a buyer to leave a rating yet I still get them. Sometimes I find it a bit unethical to ask for rating at all. I like my work to speak for itself and let the customer decide what action they would like to take with not pressure. Whenever I’m done I always thank them and ask them to contact me if they need any alterations or changes.

If they truly believe I gave them great service then they’ll surely leave one if they’re not too busy.

"Thanks so much for ordering from me! If there are any problems please let me know and I will do my best to resolve them ASAP!

Leaving me a positive feedback comment is the BEST way to let me know that you appreciate my work.

It helps my gig out so so much if you will do this with every order!

You can also SHARE my gig with your friends on social networks!

THANK YOU AGAIN for using my service!"

I usually leave this at the end of every order and it has greatly increased my sales and positive reviews!

I have a 100% seller rating and 100% rating on all my gigs. I have completed 860 orders and counting.

That line really stops the fast fingers from clicking thumbs down. Plus it gives you the chance to give even more value for the dollars you receive.

Now all those buyers who didn’t review you can leave a nice 2 or 3 or 1 star rating! Great! X(