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How to end seller's exploitation on fiverr?

1- We agreed to do a 3 fold flyer, I did 3 fold flyer as per the buyers instructions,but she did not like the first layout, although it was not bad but an easy excuse to claim another design idea for free, this time she supplied some samples I did a new trifold brochure design as per the sample provided by her.

2-Then she sent me another request to design another Invitation card without paying extra money, which I did not comply, as I already sent her 2 designs then

3- later She returned for double sided flyer design demand with completely new content. her order was marked completed automatically but she did not left feedback, to avoid any bad experience out of fear I did her 2 more designs as per the new content provided by her.

4-She demanded many revisions requests with new content and pictures and pretended that I am not following her instructions, these changes was not part of her initial instructions. I did those revisions, but she was unstoppable and

5- returned with new demand to design one more flyer by combining the content of the double sided flyers again without any payments, there was only 4 days to end feedback expiry date so I intentionally did not reply as she was exploiting me since the beginning.

6- Worst part is fiverr cancelled the order and refunded her the money without even asking me, Although I have clearly mentioned above details in conversation with the client in last messsage, fiverr don’t help to recover our money from the buyer in case of disputes or when buyer cheat us. But they immediately refunded the buyer. I put a lot of effort on this project, I am heart broken. Feeling cheated and humiliated.


Just include these risks in your overall price scheme, as any real business do. Make the proper calculations to add the time you loose on difficult sellers/cancellations and apportion them into your prices. Avoid troublesome buyers in early stages, detect them, and avoid them. Block them if needed. Don’t allow any buyer to take advantage of you if it is not your fault or you agreed before to something later you regret (you will have to deliver if you agreed to). Increase your price tier to avoid those kind of buyers, you can increase your price tier using your portfolio quality and brand/authority name.

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Trust me, in last 6 years and after dealing thousands of customers I have developed those skills to avoid bad buyers and have clear gig description.
But most disheartening is to see the hostility by fiverr towards sellers.

I have contacted fiverr in past to help me to get the money buyer is refusing to pay or not willing to complete the order even after fulfilling my job, fiverr have always shown their incapability to help in all the cases. But in this particular case CS refunded the buyer even order was complete and more than 30 days had passed.

It was clear from my discussion with the customers that she was cheating me but instead they chose to help the conning customer.


Sad to hear that. I think I will cancel the order after informing the buyer about that type of advantage he/she is demanding. I’m a new seller and continuing at this forum from several weeks. I read several issue similar like this topic and at the end every seller said that they wasted both of their time, money, energy and finally got upset.

Wish you all the best.

Well, regarding your discontent with Fiverr CS, I am afraid I can’t be of help. I just offered my point of view of the problem you are facing, and possible positive solutions. But if you feel you are being exploited, then it is time to rethink your business and income source, and make the proper arrangements. I have posted a lot of times in this forum that I am against chargebacks and cancellation of delivered orders, and not for a personal benefit, but for the community. I hope you can manage to stay in Fiverr marketplace.

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I have had a similar problem with a customer who wanted product photography done. I did as requested then seller canceled the order siting poor quality of photos, I accepted because i didn’t want to go back and forth but the buyer still used my pictures on their website.

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This happens all the time.
People will try to take advantage of you if you let them.
Develop a sense for the trolls and reject them as soon as they show themselves.
Don’t think in terms of profit, but in terms of trouble.
Focus on forehand in stead of discovering when it’s too late.
A small conversation at the start should reveal the type of customer you are dealing with.
And the most important thing, don’t give in, it will only get worse.

Issue the hosting company that hosts their website with a DMCA takedown request for copyright infringement.

It won’t get your money back but at least it will force them not to use your work for free

You can win this.
No pay no product.

Yes, I used to do cancel orders till last year, but now fiverr penalizes sellers by reducing gig ranking in search result and possible loss of seller rank when they cancel order. Also fiverr advice sellers, to avoid dispute with the customer for successful business, I was just following their suggestions.
Things have changed a lot in last 6 years, fiverr is clearly an Anti-Seller market place now!

Yes, Happened to me several times in past, fiverr never helped me in those cases. They even did not take any actions on those fraudulent accounts. Don’t know what fiverr letting them to use this platform. My condolences, I can’t offer you any solution in this case as there in not any.

Advice is just that… Advice.
I will not do business with trolls just because they don’t want disputes, they are being payed royale to deal with it so my advice is do what you are being paid for.