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How to exclude sellers from particular countries?

Exchange rates vary considerably from country to country. If I’m looking for a regular gig for someone to tutor me in Physics, I don’t want to pay $100/lesson for someone in ***** or *****. I’d rather pay $20/lesson from someone in ***** or the *****. The quality is likely to be similar (because if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be a regular gig.) How can I search by country? I tried Boolean, but it’s no help. Searching by language doesn’t help because I need the gig to be in English. Can someone tell me how to do this?

Mod Note: Your post was not made offensively, but it’s possible someone could misunderstand it. The exact regional references have been removed.


No way to search by country. The reason is simple: allowing for search by country would lead to limitless cases of national discrimination.


i think people who are capable to work as someone in ***** or otherwise is in every country or continent

You can filter on “Seller language” under the “Refine results” section. That’s as close as it gets.

I can see your point but sometimes I think it’s not about discrimination. Maybe people will disagree with me on this but, here is what I have.

I need, as an example, an article written about African Lions in the Serengeti National Park. I would like to offer it to someone living near or have been to the national park. Asking for writers only from Tanzania or East Africa could be seen as discriminatory but at the same time for me its about authenticiy. I don’t want an article based on Google research - - - I want someone that was or has been there.

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I totally get this part. But this is you, just you. A feature like this is a potential Pandora’s box that cannot be controlled in any way. While a few like yourself will use it to seek authenticity, others like the Opening Poster would use it to seek “cheaper” labor, and others would use it to completely exclude anyone not from their preferred world zones. It’s already hard enough, without the feature, being a seller from none of these top zones. With the feature, it would become near impossible for many of us. And quite frankly, I’d use a VPN to make sales here; no one would be any wiser.

Google is your best friend for this research !
Write : write article tanzania
in google search bar :wink:

Use Google !
Write: physics indonesia
in the search bar

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Why is that a problem? There are places that, frankly, I wouldn’t want to give my money to or I’ve run into problems with sellers. There are other places that I’ve had great success. Guess what – I’m NOT going to do business with the first place. Not being able to exclude it from the search just means that I have to waste time doing it manually.

And what’s wrong with looking for cheaper labor? There are some gigs worth paying top dollar for. There are others that a lower standard is enough. You’re assuming, though, that cheaper means of a lesser quality. I’m finding that it often does not. What it DOES mean is that I can buy more gigs.

Sorry to hear that you’d be unethical and lie about being *******. In another post, you said pretty much the opposite.

Thanks CarineB. I will try that.

This can work well and especially if the sellers themselves understand why it helps. It’s not hard to include a money of your region in your profile. You can put it however would attract buyers like @gina_riley2 who have legit reasons.

If you have experience because you live on Mars and buyers might want to hire someone to take pictures of Martian Flollops, the seller can keep a tiny bit in the profile that says “I’m Xaphod from Mars and I do photography, art… yada.” Then buyers can find you. You can also find ways to put it in your gig descriptions in different formats like Martian living on Pluto or native Martian speaker. :slight_smile:

Nice post. Thank you. :slight_smile:

One thing that I do when I’m looking for something I can’t find is to create a buyer request. It might say that I need someone who has lived on “Saturn” for five years or more and is fluent in Saturnish. It’s true that I will get 20 applications that don’t fit, but if I get one that does, it’s worth it.

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