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How to expand job and bill for initial start of job

I have a job that has grown beyond its original scope and I need to figure out how to get paid for the original beginning part of the job at this point I am going to have to expand the job over what it began as. The client originally started the job as a Buyers Request using one of my gigs to start the job.

After starting the job it soon became clear that the size and scope of the job was far beyond what was originally contracted for. So I need to get paid for the initial part of the job and then do the rest of the job as ad ons.

Is there a way to do this?

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Getting a new order for the additional work would be my first focus. Get customer to close the original order.

You can add extras, but if it’s a new client then first complete this order and then take the next one. Otherwise if the bill gets too big they might run with it.

In the future try to avoid scope creep. Explain from the start that you will complete the task at hand and take on new tasks when the first on is done.