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How to extend an order delivery as a Buyer?


My seller sent a message that he delivered the order but he did not. Asked me to extend the time of the order with 5 more days. I agree with this but I do not know how to do this after he delivered the gig.
In fact not delivering.

Please help, thank you!!!



Use resolution center
Follow this 3 step:
then select the reason


Yes thanks but I am the buyer and I do not have those buttons that you speak about.
Above all , the seller marked the order as complete and delivered in time. So, it is … correct like this?
I do not know. I do not have any button to extend the time.



Hi Elena!

@sajedulshawon1 gave a great response for a seller wanting to extend the delivery time, I think, but you’re a buyer I take it?

Your seller has broken the ToS by delivering work which wasn’t complete. What you can do if you want to is to ask for a modification to the order so that your seller gets a chance to redeliver. On the other hand, if you don’t want to wait, you can cancel the order as the seller failed to deliver what you ordered - it’s entirely up to you. Your seller should have asked for a time extension before he/she delivered something which he/she knew wasn’t complete.


You need to visit fiverr website.This option isn’t available in app


Those options are for sellers, not for buyers. OP is a buyer.


I know that but buyer also have resolution center and I think this process is same for both buyer and seller just option is different ( May be)

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The options are different for buyers and sellers, especially now the order has been delivered. :wink::slightly_smiling_face:


But still she can visit resolution center :thinking:


Indeed she can, but as a buyer, she won’t have the options available that sellers have.


Yes, she did ask before for a time extension. In this case, she was correct?
I asked what am I suppose to do and she said nothing.
Not to accept order not to ask for a modification. What to do?
Thanks for all your help.

I visited but with no result.Thanks

If she asked for a time extension before the order was due and you were happy with this, then you should have accepted. It sounds like you didn’t, but you’d like to give her more time now, so ask for a modification.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


I accepted but I do not what buttons to push to make it operational. Right now is it not. It is delivered a kob which has nothing inside and no extended is made.

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I’m afraid you’ve lost me now - without seeing what you’ve got on the order page it’s really difficult!

Why not drop CS a note and see if they can help you? Good luck!

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