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How to extend the amount of delivery days once a customer has paid?Customer has not sent details

Is this possible?

I’m very time concious and not someone to not do things on time. The problem is myself and a potential customer had been talking over a few weeks. They often left days before replying so communication was slow. They have paid for a service but to do the service I said in my custom offer that they needed to send me certain details. They have replied and are finding them to send BUT I have until tomorrow to deliver and I have not been sent the details yet, going by the timeframe of our other interactions they may not reply for another few days.

What will happen? Will I get a ‘strike’ against my first gig for not delivering on time?

I would write to them and say, since I have not heard back from you to provide the details I need in order to complete the work, I will offer a mutual cancellation. You can then buy the gig when you are ready to send the details needed someday in the future.

Before finishing your gig delivery time, just send manual cancel request for buyer and leave a message for him that when he ready to give details and communicate with you he can order again.

On a Custom Offer, does the countdown timer start if the "Requirements. have not been submitted? That’s just plain crazy if it’s true.

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile: Thankfully they replied in the nick of time!

This isn’t related to custom offers, but is related sort-of kinda, and I just wanted to share. :slight_smile:

Sometimes a buyer will blow through the gig requirements and hit ok without submitting anything. I’ve had good success with the following:

I make a multiple choice drop-down in the gig requirements that says something along the lines of:

“Thank you so much for your order, 50% of the time I require additional information or have a question that I might need answered before I can start work on a gig. Please check into your Fiverr messages within the next x hours to make sure I have all the info I need to deliver your gig on-time”

Then, in the drop-down I have these two options:

  1. I didn’t read the above, I guess I better read it now!
  2. Got it!

That has solved so many problems for me, I can’t even tell ya! :slight_smile:
-Dave :slight_smile:

Maybe just cancel the order. Then tell the buyer, when you are ready with you materials freel free to reorder the gig and then I can start to work on it.