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How to extend the deadline in order?

I want to ask is if i got an order with 2 days deadline and i want to extend it for couple days more, how to do it?

You can communicate with your buyer regarding this you can deliver order with just a message any time before deadline and can deliver order into inbox but that all depend on your buyer :slight_smile:

There is no way to actually change the dealine in the system, but you can ask the buyer if it is ok if you need more time or else you can offer them to cancel the gig and get a refund so they can go buy it somewhere else.

But if your buyer is understanding and says it is ok to delievr the work late, then maybe you can just deliver a “message” before the deadline and then just follow up 2 days later and deliver the files through a separate message.

It would be nice if there were a way to ask the buyer and if the buyer agreed, they could click a button to offer you an extension. Since that doesn’t exist so far, you only have a couple of choices and they are both a bit of a risk. You can either ask the buyer, let the deadline pass as agreed, but the buyer could change their mind and click to cancel due to late delivery which affects your account negatively. The other option is to ask the buyer to allow you to deliver a partial delivery or to deliver “empty.” The risk in this one is that it is technically against Fiverr ToS so if Fiverr catches it they can penalize you.

I’ve done it both ways myself when absolutely necessary and have been lucky, though after experiencing the stress of both I don’t do the empty delivery method anymore. If I have to be late, I will offer the buyer a choice of allowing me to deliver late or giving them a refund by mutual cancellation and so far my buyers have been understanding.

no any option available in fiverr to extend delivery timeline, BUT you can mutually discuss with buyer, if he agree then no issue :slight_smile: . this is no effect in your profile:)

Reply to @fonthaunt: Now i have an order that i’ve deliver on times, but buyer go somewhere for couple day and today was pass the deliver times 1 days, he want modify and press the button, my order became late, does it affect my status?

Reply to @webexpert1313: there is one way is give an offer 5$ and extend the day =)) but seem we have to deal with buyer XD