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How to extend the revision delivery time?

Hello :blush:
My client requested a revision. The client said she was busy, however she already asked for revision and hasn’t give me any details for it. The deadline is in 2 hours but she keeps offline. What should I do? Can I asked for an extend time?

Thank you :blush:


Once you have delivered your order, and your buyer asks for a revision you will see a big LATE across the top of the order. But as long as your delivery was on time you are ok.


You’re correct! Thank you so much!!

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You can either deliver the project and then if it’s a quick job do the revision, or you can simply enter the resolution center and request more time for the revision. Your buyer will accept it and that’s it!

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I wouldn’t wait longer than about 12 hours once someone asks for a revision without hearing from them. I would deliver it again as is.

They know they asked for a revision and they know you are waiting on them. If they are this inconsiderate I don’t appreciate it and simply give them 12 hours, which is reasonable, then redeliver the same thing.

I would also send a short note that since they didn’t tell me what revision was needed I had to deliver the same thing. Tell them if they want a revision it needs to have instructions with it at the time they request the revision. Otherwise you have no way of doing it.