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How to extend the time duration on running project?

Hi Fiverr,
actually i am working on a project, and time limit is going to end next day. i did not worked on the project from last two days, reason that i am suffering from fever, so me and my client both are agreed to extend the time limit,
but how we can extend the time limit without making a late delivery, we dont know.
anybody there who know that how we can extend time on running project.
please help out.


You can find the answer with a simple Google search.

You use the Resolution Center to mutually edit orders.

Thank you for your kind reply Mam, i actually posted here because i think that here about fiverr are the most expert persons than other places thats why i posted here.

You don’t need an expert. There is one answer and you’ll find it if you look it up.

Go to order page.
Click resolution center
Then click extend delivery time
Mention the reason and add the number of days

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Hi, you can do that on mobile and on Pc and it very easy
Go to the Order Page, Then at the right side you would see Resolution on (PC)
In Mobile on the Order page Click on the Three DOT at the TOP RIGHT
Then Click resolution center
After that click or Select extend delivery time
Select how many days you want to extend the Delivery Time then add a comment for the reasin you want to extend the Delivery date and Submit or Send…

Thank You so much… Thats the solid answer which i am looking for Thanks…

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Katecovers THANKS, Its too Easy I get that THANK YOU

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Always Welcome, if you have any Question kindly Ask me

sure i will ask you Thank You

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Great welcome Friend