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How to extent the delivery time if the work not possible in 30 days

Hi, there
We are an SEO team and we provide guarantee ranking to googles page 1. We now changed our gig to monthly service, But before we were providing service one-time fee not monthly and ranked it to 1st page, At that time we got some orders, BUt the question is some medium competition keywords needs 3-4 months to rank, So i and our client decided to extend the delivery time each month 1-2 days before delivery, does it ok if we do like this and does it affect our on-time delivery rate or gig ranking.

me_bharat SEO team


you can deliver your file then you client start revision.

Hello friend, Please don’t worry. You can use the resolution center to extend the time. It’s really easy. Simply go the order page, then there is a button for the resolution center in right side of the page. click on it and extend the delivery time. Have a wonderful day!

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it will seriously affect the delivery on time rate

i know how to extent the delivery time, but i think you didn’t read the question carefully,

If you say you will do something in 30 days and you don’t do it in 30 days, it’s your fault.

Fiverr’s Terms of Service don’t allow offering services that take more than 30 days to complete.

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