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How to face first cancellation any suggestion

so sad to say that today i got my first cancellation
i am happy from that i got 11 orders in first month of account but 1 of them is canceled
8 was completed
and on 2 i am working

i am so sad today

anyone help me to know this will affect on my profile or on getting level one badge

thanks for coming


Bro. for level 1 it will need 90% rating minimum. & if you have completed 10 orders & 1 got cancelled. it will be around 90% so do more hardwork & make the clients happy. so it wont affect you & after 60 days that cancelled order will have 0 affect

i also facing the same problem , i am on level 0 and one buyer give me 3 orders by mistake, if he cancel the order then what’s the effect on my profile?

This will drop your Order Completion Rate. If it becomes lower 90% this will remove Level 1 status if you had one.

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And I have one more query
My one more buyer ask me always a revision and because of this my work completation stats goes down
And also he respond so late
What I do

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Nothing if you get more orders
But if you have only this as first then this will rank your gig at low position

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Yes my order completation goes down due to revision or cancellation
Tell me bro please

revision won’t decrease your completion rate. It’s always equal to this formula

Completion ratio = number of orders / order completed x 100

if you get 2 orders & complete 1 = 50% completion rate
if you get 10 orders & complete 9 = 90% completion rate

just contact support! same case happened with me around 6 months ago. a buyer mistakenly ordered multiple times in same minute. & then i contacted support to remove the duplicate order. they did & my completition was not affected at all

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do you offer unlimited revision?

if i cancel from cs then my stats goes down or not

ok thanks
:pray: :pray:

yes i am
thats the mistake

cheer up bro , learn and fix. you can still compete with other even with none unlimited revision gigs. unlimited revision have a very big flaw.

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yes i feel that
i work for a client from more than 1 month and still now
so i will customize my gigs to 1 2 3 revisions

Cancellation is better then Negative Rating.

thanks this line give me motivation
thank you
and i need more motivation
thanks your this line touches my heart

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I think you mean: Order Completion Rate (it’s not a ratio) = (Number of Orders/Orders Completed) x100

You forgot the brackets, and that it is a rate.


you are a legend
who can find small mistakes and help me in improvement
thanks again

hahaha i am not doing math exam :stuck_out_tongue: