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How to FEATURED gigs?

How can I FEATURED my gigs with fiverr?

As I have been told by Customer Support, any gigs that have “Featured” associated with them are automatic. They used to be personally chosen, now, they are nothing more than a part of the algorithm that runs the search/category system.

There is no way for you to get your gigs “featured”.


I would never think to ask that these days. but I’m really glad you did.

I remember having pretty extensive back and forths with customer service. You could ask reasonably to be featured (or bumped up) and if you had a valid case, it was no big deal.

It was clear that the system would be abused eventually, but it was really enjoyable while it lasted. In those days (this suddenly became a Rockwellian fantasy) the music offering landscape was pretty cut and dry. Still a ton of songwriters but not nearly as readily available.

When I returned, I noticed that half of them now label their offerings “custom songs” (which was a phrase I used to differentiate myself from the ‘I will write a song’ pages) and nearly pasted my entire description.

Anyway, interesting that the featured status is automated.


So I guess me doing my Featured Gig Dance getting some results is just the placebo effect…

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I don’t know if it’s really much of a status anymore, as it is more likely just a way for Fiverr to add variety to the search results and/or gig categories.

Featured gigs are handpicked (chosen).

You cannot get your gigs “featured” by any other means!

Hope this helps!


Thanks all for your help!

You get an email from CS telling you your Gig is featured. It stays up for a few weeks, then goes unfeatured. It is not done by computer. It is a human being who chooses. I know because I asked, and they put something about it in the forum a while ago.

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Guys, please do not lie to him, in order to get featured, he should bribe the customer support representatives, but they accept bitcoins only. Also, you should be careful when offering them the bribe.

Just kidding, if you go through the gigs that have the “Featured” badge, most of them are the pricer gigs. That’s what I have noticed. But also the reviews, a number of orders completed and similar parameters are taken into consideration.

Thanks… :grinning:

Hahahaha… I got the point… Thanks :sunglasses:

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