How to file a complaint on a seller and get a refund


How do I get a refund if my gig cannot be used due to poor coding? It is basically trash! What s the seller fails to comply?

I Paid for logo design never get the logo nor the money!
artistgew said: How do I get a refund if my gig cannot be used due to poor coding?

You can always contact Fiverr Support. However, they will tell you to work it out with the Seller.

If the Seller mislead, misrepresented or committed fraud, they may be able to do something about it, but there are no guarantees.

Contact Fiverr Support and plead your case.


I was cheated by a buyer. All information about this seller along with my order numbers are not on my account. However my account does show that I completed 2 assignments in the shopping area but on manage sales it indicate I never did a an assignment.

I want my money for the second assignment to show just like my first one for the same buyer.

A canned answer is not going to help resolve this situation. With absolutely no order numbers how can this be resolved.

I just started here with Fiverr on the 31st of May…I am dissatisfied so far.


Thank you kjblynx…but I have been cheated by a buyer. Who can address this issue to. I have yet to find the form referred to in the customer service section.


Thank you for your reply…I am a seller…my todo shows 2 orders 100% complete 2 orders delivered. The first order I was paid for the other I was not. At this point there are NO Order # on my account. This needs to be investigated. I have been taken advantage of. I have only had 2 transactions and they were both by the same buyer. Aside from what is on my todo there is no indication that I have had any task.

This is such a bad 1st experience with Fiverr…I need assistance…please.


Thank you for your patience kjblynx…because you couldn’t see my account…I am more than sure you thought I was a little cray. I just logged on to see if anyone responded and I read you post. I checked the sales page and the 2nd sale finally went through. Low and behold there was a new order from a new buyer!


I paid for a gig from austinstone for a cartoon draw they said I would have it in 24 hrs and its been 3 days and I have sent him 2 post to respond and they have not. So I bought another gig elsewhere. Now What?


Reply to @henryroberts: You’re going to have to remove the seller’s name from your post; violation of TOS.

Some options: if the seller failed to deliver but was marked completed you can let them keep the funds and leave feedback about your experience. If you don’t want them to keep the funds, then request a refund but in doing so you won’t be able to leave feedback.

You can also bring this matter to the attention of Customer Support and they will deal with it when they can.




Contact customer support for assistance.


You can request a cancellation on the order page (Resolution Center at the top of the page) and get a refund, or, if that doesn’t help, submit a ticket to Customer Support and ask them to help you.


This is from 2014. I doubt the OP is still coming around.


I know a lot of old posts started popping up ;). This one just got bumped up because @carolinalakere asked a question.


Send a ticket in to support.
There was a problem with the site recently that made some weird stuff happen with orders not even showing up anywhere… I had a client place another order with me because their first order was not enough… And that order got lost … It showed up in my To-To … but not in my manage sales screen… It didnt show up in my NEW , ACTIVE , COMPLETED orders or anything … it only showed up in my to-do with no way to “Deliver” it … the delivery button was just simply not there…

Support had to fix it .


How is this happening?


Seriously don’t you people READ the FAQ and TOS before or after you sign up? You have a dispute with a buyer or seller, contact CUSTOMER SUPPORT!!! It’s pretty darn simple.


How about if I prefer to get a refund from my credit card. I do not intend to accumulate Fiverr credit. I do not want to use Fiverr anymore because we will hire a professional artist for our gigs. What happened to me was we (me and seller mutually agreed to cancel the gig since the seller has no capacity to meet my requirement). I am not impress with the initial gigs i receive from Fiverr hence I do not want to use this site again. With this, can I get a refund instead of credits?


Next time, Hire me.


were is he email address to contact customer support i followed your links and it took me in circles!


I got ripped off, they closed my order and didn’t deliver… HELP