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How to file a complaint

I’ve had two orders that were poorly written and did not satisfy the assignment. Requests for revisions were made, The work was still not satisfactory. Fiverr paid the seller anyway. What would be my best recourse? Negative blow up on social media, file a complaint with the BBB? Any suggestions?

This is an issue you work out with your seller. If the sellers is non-responsive, you can contact Customer Support for additional help.


One buyer named ********* is sending me his email id two time i’m not interested to worked with him but he still send me his email id . i ask him to stop this but didn’t. please look into it.

Don’t block my ID because of his nonsense.


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Your “blow up” on social media will be more akin to a grain of sand on the beach, as will the BBB. Love how you’re ranting at fellow Fiverr users instead of people who can do anything about it–it really shows how effective your complaint skills are! Hell, go the whole hog and write a yelp review, a blog post, and furnish your thoughts on every single review site known to man and LET THE WORLD KNOW YOUR IRE.

This is a forum with mostly sellers talking to each other. This is not Customer Support. Make an effort to submit a ticket and read the forum rules before posting again.

Great idea about Yelp Reviews! I always read those and would be put off by a negative one.