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How to find a "boutique" seller (multiple parties and roles)

I need to get several roles filled that could add up to maybe ten hours a week or more. To ensure consistency, I’d like to use a small boutique business, so there won’t be a problem with one person taking a long vacation or getting sick. It involves roles like administering a membership database and doing social media and website posts.
. . But when I look on Fiverr, it seems like all I see are individuals. Is there a way to filter for group businesses or way to find recommendations for that kind of “wear multiple hats” kind of seller? Or should I use a different platform for this kind of need?

You need to hire a person for each of these tasks and oversee each person yourself.
There are no groups of people working together to do all these various things and if there were you would be sorry if you tried that approach.

It is very important that you keep control of these things yourself. Generally a website owner is able to do ten hours a week of work toward what you are talking about himself to make sure it gets done right. Trying to turn ten hours of update and maintenance functions of your site to a random group of people, all of whom have open access to your site, is asking for disaster. I speak as a former website developer and small business owner with lots of experience.

It sounds like what you are looking for here is a complete workforce at cut-price costs. Sadly, your not going to find that on Fiverr or anywhere. You are forgetting that sellers on Fiverr (and any other freelancing platform) work with tens and sometimes hundreds of different clients every week. This being the case, when you hire someone, you don’t secure a slot of time which they will allocate to working for you and you alone. Rather, you buy a service which will be delivered in the order that it is queued at.

Of course, you might be able to hire someone to do ten hours work for you. But anybody worth hiring would in that case at least charge $150 per slot. Also, as soon as a more profitable buyer comes along, they would have to discontinue any kind of regular work, and you would be left in the lurch again.