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How to find a good LOGO Designer in Fiverr?


Today Logo designing is a very popular category in fiverr. Because you can buy a quality design for low cost with comparing other logo designing site. But there are lots of of low quality and cheating designers also. So you have to find genuine and good quality, professional designer for your job. Please check the below steps to find a good Logo designer in fiverr.

  1. First you need to filter the Logo Design category to “High Rating”

  2. Then you go through one by one and select designers having good feedback score (always try 100%). When you doing this please consider the feedback quantity also (then you can get a rough idea about his/her experience)

  3. This is the very important step. Once you select 100% feedback sellers, check whether they activate their portfolio (this mean their actual work samples). If portfolio is not activated, don’t select that designer. Because the designer know his/her designs not good. That is why they hide them.

And don’t get a decision just watching first 3 example images and video. Because lot of designers don’t use their own designs for this examples. So look their portfolio and get an idea about the rhythm of designer.

  1. Verify the designer is providing the logo in transparent format (PNG File) otherwise you cant use it.

  2. Finally you can read the gig description and gig extras to check

  • Whether the designer provide editable source file
  • Revisions or changers after delivery
  • Completion time
  • ect

If you can follow above steps to find a LOGO Designer. You will never loss.

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In the logo design category there appear to be more cheats than genuine ones. I wonder how one can get 1000 reviews, when they lack ethics. Very disappointing Fiverr for harbouring people with no ethics.


You Don’t!!! It is impossible to find a logo designer for $5 bucks. This site

is a rip off and should be shut down!!!


Reply to @robpost: Well I am a professional Logo Designer and I design logos in just $5 with the logo package including 5 file formats (all editable)


Hi all, Yes there are lots of cheating logo designers in fiverr. That is why I suggest this. Definitely you need to watch their actual work samples.


Outsource on till you find the one that suite your best.


Try finding someone with high number of gigs if he/she is a fraud then probably would not have spend that time making those gigs.


Reply to @kjblynx: That’s what I am saying read my comment.


nice tips, good indeed.


I make logo intro videos and sometimes I receive logos that are bad quality and don’t have transparent background. (even thought I explicitly say so in my Gigs)

So these low quality designers are making poor logos and then I have to do extra work to make them look decent in my videos!

So your advise is indirectly good for me too! Please listen to @prologo1 when buying logos :slight_smile:


Reply to @dr_joshua: Thank you, Actually Transparent view is the main requirement of a LOGO. Is there a designer who don’t know about this, how can say he is a LOGO designer.


Just check out their portfolio and how they take care about your brand a really good designers are few here so use that chance to get your!



What you said is correct Halber. There appear to be more cheats than genuine ones. But finding a good designer is not a big deal.

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Hi all. pls check my signature logo.


most “logo designers” here on fiverr use templates, so whats the point?

Want something 100% customized? go dig deep into fiverr, im sure you will find a handfull of sellers that actually make great logo designs with no templates whatsoever.

Best of luck <3


Hi All, Still you are looking for a god logo designer?


Become Top Rated. Feeling Proud.


This is actually a useful thread, because I am new to Fiverr; have put up three gigs which are still pending (it takes forever to get started, it seems); and I know that my logo has to be FIRST - because everything else will need to incorporate it (headers, website, FB, etc).

So, should I take down my gigs and just get the logo done first? Because finding someone who will do logos and headers seems to be fairly futile.

I have spent a couple of hours in these forums and there really needs to be some “heads up” for newbies.

If anyone here wants to help me out, please post a reply.


Reply to @gazsocial: I would be more than willing to help you out.


Reply to @exilegraphics: Thank you! You have excellent reviews. None of my gigs seem to be showing up under my name, so I will write up a brief of what I need, and upload it. We can go from there. Give me until tomorrow morning (I am in Australia), so there will be a bit of a time difference between us.