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How to find a good Logo Designer on Fiverr

Today Fiverr is very popular among people since they can buy supportive services for a very lower price. I can say Logo Design is taking first place among these services. That is why you can see thousands of freelancers selling their logo designs in Fiverr. But there are few people selling garbages. I think it is growing a bad reputation for Fiverr since this kind of sellers. So here I am trying to give a guideline for buyers who are looking for a good logo designer.

How you can find a Good Logo Designer in Fiverr??? By 5 Steps

1. Use the search box and filters

Custom Search
You can find gigs by referring categories. But if you are using the search box, you can find the gig exactly you want since you can do a custom search like name logo, business logo, signature logo,etc.

Use Filters
Filters also very helpful to find a good logo designer. You can find best selling gig by highlighted at top right drop-down list. and there many filters like delivery time, budget, seller levels, etc at the left sidebar. By using these filters you can smooth your search result (refer the image below)

2. Check the seller experience

Finding an experienced logo designer also very important. But you have to check below things (not their profile description)

Join Date
Go to the seller profile and check the joined date. Then you can see how many years he or she working at Fiverr.

Feedback Count
According to below image my profile has 4739 feedbacks up to today. It says at least I have completed 4739 orders. Normally 50% - 70% of buyers give their feedback on their order. So you can predict I have completed 7000 - 10000 orders according to this feedback count. How you think about creating this much of logos :slight_smile:

Star Rating
Find a seller has at least 4.7-star rating or above.

Seller Level
Find a seller at least level two. It is better if you can find a top rated seller. (level badge near the profile picture)

3. Check the seller design skills

Seller Level and Star Raring
As mentioned above

Seller Portfolio
Most of the sellers have their own portfolio. you can find it on the profile page. Here you can see how Designer skills. But you cannot trust 100% of this. Because the seller can add any image to this (ex: by google) :frowning:


Gig Portfolio
When you open a gig you can see their samples. Normally seller can add 3 images, 2 PDF and 1 Video as samples. So as above, you cannot trust them 100% as their own designs. After these samples, you can find sellers original designs. This is the place you can see your designer’s original designs. Below each original design, you can see the buyer feedback (check below image) That is how you can identify. Then check one by one and see the seller design skills. :+1:

4. Description and Package Content

Checking the package content is very important because I have canceled many orders since the buyer order a wrong package. Normally gigs have 3 packages. When you select a package, please check everything included you want. such as,

PNG Transparent File
If you are ordering a LOGO, the transaprent file is the most important. Because you cannot use the logo all places you want without the transparent file.

Source File
If you want to edit, enlarge your logo or use for any other design you should have the source file. Normally it can be Adobe Illustrator or Corral Draw. I do not recommend Photoshop for logo design. :frowning:

Other important things
You can check both Description and Package to know about

  • How many logos
  • Delivery Time
  • How many modifications
  • Order Cancellation
  • Money back guarantee
  • Other extra features

5. Contact the Designer

After selecting a few gigs having all the requirements you want, you can contact seller (if you want) for more information. By contacting the seller before place the order, you can,

  • Tell your requirement and get the seller feedback.
  • Negotiate the price
  • Request more features

If you follow above 5 Steps, You will never be getting a bad experience. Please check my gig below and get an idea



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