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How to find a job in my field on fiverr

I can provide several services in the field of writing(poetry , articles, etc.) speaking, recording, idea and several others
I’m trying to find out how to find guys in these fields only

you don’t find them. They are finding you.
You publish your gig and whenever someone need a service that you are providing then they will be able to find your gig.

Additionally I would also recommend to read fiverr help page on how fiverr works and watch theur free course on fiverr learn on how to be great seller.

I see you spent less than 1 minute here on the forum and ignored a huge banner that takes almost have a page advising you to use a search button to look for the information first.
It’s been discussed here many times on how to get orders.

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Well, this depends upon your skills. It will be tough at start but soon or later you will get results