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How to find a professional video?

please, anyone, explain the process
how to find a professional video for my business?


Thousands to choose from here:


Simply purchase one! And you won’t have to search anymore.

@offlinehelpers You toke my words from my mouth :slight_smile:

:purple_heart: Out of hearts.

I have a feeling there may be more to this than just finding the video category though?

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@bhaskarjena, @offlinehelpers

I think those are the steps everyone should use to create a GIG video.

If you need a whole GIG video:

First, create a gig. Use only images. After that, you can show your gig to someone who will be able to create a gig video for you. The he will be able to know what you search for.

If you are able to create a video and search for stock videos for it:

If you are searching for stock videos for your GIG, you can use paid and free websites: Pixabay, Vimeo, Pexels, Videezy… are some which offer free stock footage! Those who are paid include: Shutterstock, Adobe stock, VideoHive, Videoblocks and more.

Hope that helps!