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How to find a profitable niche

When it comes to building up a business everything is about finding a
profitable niche which is big enough to generate revenue for you and
small enough that it’s too small for bigger players. The key is a low
market entry barrier, little competition and high revenue potential. You
can apply this to Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Airbnb and in our case to Fiverr.

The key features which describe the niche potential:

  • Competition
  • Revenue Potential
  • Market Entry Barrier

However, how do you get these features?

It’s easier than you think. First of all, Fiverr provides all the
numbers you need on the search page for a keyword(=niche)

You can find the number of gigs in the top right corner. For each gig,
you get the number of reviews and the start price and the seller level.

You need to extract that information for all Gigs on page one and type
it into Excel spreadsheet to get an overall picture and do the math.

This case study demonstrates a market analysis with three niches, which
seem very profitable:

  • logo design
  • WordPress
  • copywriting

Let’s dive into the analysis. I put the visualisations into one plot, as I am only allowed to have one plot in this post:


First, we check the demand in the markets. To get an idea of the need,
we can use the total number of reviews on the first page, as the buyers
can leave a review when they order a gig.

The demand for logo design is by far the highest of these three niches.
The need for copywriting is the lowest, WordPress is somewhere in

However, demand is not everything, as the goal is to get a share of the
market. We need to check the supply in the market. We can use the total
number of gigs for this.

It’s interesting how many Gigs we have for ‘Wordpress’ and ‘Logo
Design’. These niches seem very crowded. On the other hand, it surprises
me that there are much fewer Gigs for ‘Copywriting’. It’s interesting as
the demand was lower for copywriting, but not in the same way as the
number of gigs.

To get an idea for the competition we can aggregate a new metric. We
have the total number of gigs for a keyword (=niche), which defines the
supply in the niche market. On the other hand, we have the total number
of reviews for the keyword, which is a metric for the demand in the
market. Dividing the total number of Reviews by the total number of gigs
is a hint for the competition in the market.

We see that ‘WordPress’ is the most competitive niche followed by ‘logo
design’. It seems that in the ‘copywriting’ niche there is a room for
new gigs, as the competition is lower than for the other two niches.

Market Entry Barrier

Another feature you have to keep in mind is the market entry barrier. It
goes hand in hand with the competition, but it’s also something
controlled by the platform. Fiverr pushes gigs with positive reviews and
which are selling well on top, to protect these sellers and make them
happy to avoid them leaving the platform. On the other hand, they try to
mix in new sellers from time to time to offer them the chance to also
sell. They want them to get a share of the pie.

You can see that there are much more sellers with no seller level on the
first page for ‘copywriting’ than for the other two niches. I am sure
that there is potential for new sellers. On the other and it’s difficult
to get into the logo design niche.

Revenue potential

Competition is one side of the coin, but it does not help, if there is
either a small demand or the price is too low to generate enough
revenue. We want to get an idea of what revenue potential each of the
niches has. We multiply the starting price of the gigs with the number
of reviews for this. It is not an accurate number of what earnings you
can expect, but it’s good to compare the niches with each other.


With this case study, we could find out that ‘logo design’ has the
highest revenue potential out of the three niches, but it’s the most
competitive market with the highest market entry barrier. On the other
hand, ‘Copywriting’ seems to have much less competition and have a low
market entry barrier. On the other hand, it has the lowest revenue


Hello there!

You might find a previous thread interesting: :slightly_smiling_face:


Well written and very comprehensive…


Thanks @estherrandell. Especially as you are editor and I am not a native english speaker


While your case study looks nice, there is another side of the coin which you should also consider; which is " the seller’s area of competence." It is one thing to find a niche that generates more revenue,but another thing to do a satisfactory job that’s worth the revenue from that niche.

Like this author rightly said, Fiverr platform offers variety of niches, but my one penny would be, go for those niches where you are able to deliver a good job with ease. When you search for a niche, don’t look for the one that is spilling $s. Look for the one where you will also spill your knowledge and expertise too. That’s one of the ways to keep the dollars coming. It maybe slow but it is better when it is steady instead of picking jobs that you can’t do perfectly and keep hurting the fiverr community with substandard jobs or keep getting low reviews from buyers.


@nasio2k3 You are absolutely right!

I am expecting that someone follows his passions and offer something in a field he’s good at.

The case study is maybe a bit unrealistic in that way. Let’s say you love design. Then the niches would be more something like this:

  • Cartoon character design
  • Kids logo design
  • Wordmark logo design

It would not help to look for a niche that earns a ton of money, but you don’t have any skills.

BTW there is another way to do it: You just create Gigs and test what’s working and what’s not. But this can be a bit time consuming


And also picking a niche that you don’t even enjoy just to earn money, whilst spending every moment hating it!l


I think someone mentioned doing something you are good at and have experience at. There are already too many “writers” who can’t put a sentence together, and “logo designers” who can’t even make something centered when it should be. These are not going to be successful sellers. You can’t have a trail of angry buyers demanding refunds and be successful.


Thanks for your important notes


WordPress and Graphics Designing are two good niches and profitable.I am also working on Working on WordPress.You can choose affiliate marketing which is also a good option.


I’m WordPress developer on fiverr :man_technologist:


One quick question, Jens, I can’t seem to find the total number of reviews on a gig. Please where should I look?



can you tell us about dividing a specific niche by microniches ?
Thank you for the informations :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing. That was really helpful

Maria S.



It’s below the gig title and photo next to the star rating


You can do a search for keyword, which is a bit more special.

Instead for “Logo Design” you might look for “Logos with animals”


I want to actually share more. I am a bit too busy in the moment.

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This is really nice, good analysis :+1:

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Lots of great info here, I’m just trying to start my gig up and get some traction. Its been very hard the past couple days. My gig views have been stuck at a whopping 12 for the past week, lol.

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Thank you for sharing.

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