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How To Find (And Keep) Great Customers ... And Deal With Bad Ones?

How To Find (And Keep) Great Customers … And Deal With Bad Ones?

Instead of giving exact tips that may not work, I will rather give you a more realistic view on this matter based on my experiences thus far.

After seven years, I still haven’t found a way to deal with bad ones - I don’t think there is an exact method of doing that, considering the wide variety of principles, cultural differences, background history, experiences, attitudes, etc.

Whenever you think you’ve found a method to deal with them, another one pops up who proves you that your method doesn’t work - you’ll then find yourself with a bunch of methods to deal with them, but you’re still going to find more bad apples :confused:

I don’t find them, they find me :slight_smile:

Again, there’s no exact method to keep them, since you never know what they’ll go through at some point in time, what they’ll find somewhere else at another point in time, etc. Even if you apply the best tips to keep customers, there’s always a chance they’ll stumble upon someone else who’s better or cheaper or delivers more value than you, it’s just not possible to keep them forever (unless they’re bound by some long-term contract, and even then it’s no guarantee)