How to Find Best Logo designer in fiverr


How to Find Best Logo designer in fiverr


So let me get this straight:

you are treating Fiverr’s forum as your personal blog, to attract customers with your tips of wisdom,




you are using another seller’s content to do so???

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and that’s not even the best part:

you joined Fiverr 2 months ago.


kind of works against you and your 6 completed orders.


You forgot to add the part where there are also sellers who buy fake favorites on their gigs, oh wait, you did too.


@graphicnova are you referring to @aseven ?

how would you know that?


Yup, cause I’ve experienced a lot of these newcomers trying to impress people with their gig favorites, clearly they’re fake.


@graphicnova You can’t know they are “clearly fake” you are assuming.

Do you have proof? If so report the users that do.


I joined fiverr the same month he did, and the ratio of reviews to the favorites is insane, which would make sense if he was featured or was offering something unique. Also, his other gigs have 1 or 2 favorites, are you really that naive?


please refrain from calling me names. I am the one who called him out -with proof- about his unethical tactics.

I did not check all of his gigs and the ratio you mention.

I do however suspect that you are biased and rushed to jump into conclusions since you are a direct competitor?

I strongly suggest you try to keep a cool head. :slight_smile:


I’m sorry if that came across as rude, I didn’t mean to be. I am chilled.
As far as proof goes, there you go

I’ve had multiple people contact me asking if I need gig favorites. Your suspicions are worthless and exist in your mind, with all due respect.



you have just lost the right to use words like respect. I am done talking to you about this.

Do report users that come to you for favorites and such since they are clearly violating ToS and it’s best if we as a marketplace got rid of them.

Frankie OUT!


Loved the last sentence