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How to find clients


I am new to Fiverr, How do I find clients or they find me?


welcome to fiverr, you can find clients in buyer request


Thank you so much for your quick responce :slight_smile:


you are welcome :smiley:


You can find client in buyer request or try in fiverr social media network


sorry for being a pain, but bening new I am trying to get my head around everyting.
Where do I find buyer request or fiverr media network?


In your dashboard you can seller icon. In the seller icon you can see buyer request.


you can find the client in your fiverr profile , simple just go to selling and then click the buyer request section ,


cheers for that I will it the hang of it soon :slight_smile:


Send LinkedIn invites to related market OR industry and use Buyer request as well​:blush::blush:


By sending buyer request you can easily connect wit your buyers if the message you !!

  1. Buyers request section
  2. Social Media sharing
  3. Blog posting