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How to find first order?

how to find first order?


Replying to buyer’s requests

By promoting your gig on social channels and reply to buyer’s request are the best options. Being a guru Quora .com could be a good traffic generator to your gig. :people_holding_hands::footprints::biking_woman: Drive yourself by following footprints of experts in the freelance industry and developing your network with your target audience could be helpful to gain more orders.

how to marekting on quora?can you explain what you did in Quora?

Send Buyer request daily i got my first order from there

Search the topic belongs to your gig and reply them being a guru. Bring them on fiverr and earn profit in different manners. Fiverr also pay commission/reward and you can get sale from your gig too. the referral link could be like this.

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But Quora don’t like spam i insert fiverr link most of the times and i got banned for somedays :pensive:

Here are some tips I recommend:

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Buyer requests! I made a post on it

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