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How to find my Buyers

how to find my old buyers in fiverr.
i have username but how to search.
the buyer ordered me but before complete my id suddenly disable (its my new id) so at this moment i need to find him or talk to him.
please anyone help me how to fiend my old buyers


You apparently lost your former Fiverr account and now it appears you have made a new account and want to contact your old buyers.

You have two problems. The first is that if you did not get CS’s permission to open a new account you will eventually be banned.

The second problem is that even if you have your former buyer’s Fiverr ID you cannot contact them as buyers do not have a “Contact Me” option on their profile page unless they are both a buyer and a seller.

If I were your former buyer, I would not like you to contact me as I would not want to work with someone who had lost their Fiverr ID by being banned.


…Thank you so much…

Well described. :100: :+1: