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How to find my gig in search result?

Hello everyone! Is there anybody who explains to me, How to find my gig in search result? Please reply


There is no definitive way to tell. It depends upon how Fiverr algorithm ranks your gigs. To increase the ranking of your Fiverr gigs you haveto use correct keywords in description, title and correct tags that is related to your gigs. Getting good reviews might also help in getting better ranks. Hope this helped you.


@hemanth_saji can you share, how can I check my gig whether it is active or inactive?

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If you mean ‘active in search’, then first check here to verify that the gig is active or not: under Gig Status, in the second drop-down. You can double check here: . If your gig is ‘active’ then please read: If your impressions are dropping, please read this. [ARCHIVED]

If you mean where in search:

“Gig positions are not permanent and can rotate on a daily basis.”

This can be found here, under Gig Status, in the second drop-down.

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I believe you have Fiverr app. Switch to seller mode and go to your gigs section. If your gig is active there will “ACTIVE” written in green letter inside green box. It will be on top-right corner of your gig thumbnail.

Also on Fiverr website you can see detailed analytics of your gigs like amount of clicks and impressions. If you’re getting decent amount impressions then your gig is most likely active.

If above steps didn’t help you, read this :


@hemanth_saji thanks for your kind information