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How to find my gig url?


i am created in my gig a long time gig url is to get this one again?


I don’t exactly understand your question. If you view any of your active gigs the URL is displayed. The share button can get you a shortened link. It sound like you are talking about a URL from an inactive gig, though, so without more info I’m not sure how to help.


Surely it’s obvious. His gig created him a long time ago, and now, just like Jesus, he is walking in the desert seeking his gig again. Much like Jesus and his 40 days and 40 nights.

SOLUTION: reject the Devil, wander about a bit more and your gig will return to you on a chariot of fire*

*I can’t really remember what happened in the Bible so I just mashed together some fun parts I remembered


It seems more Dhammapada than Bible to me. Like, he was created by his gig to serve it and be under the protection on King Fiverr. He lived sheltered but then got out of the palace.

He lost his URL, his way, and wondered how to end the suffering of all who lose their URLs. He had tried the fancy life, so he then tried a life of austere gig sales, living on pennies, meditating while thin and weary.

Solution/Urlenlightement: Now he seeks a middle path where all sentient beings might find their interconnectedness and internet. When he fully awakens, he could be the Fiverr Buddha.