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How to find my gig with specific keyword search results

Hello guys,
Is there any way, so that people can find my gig with some specific keyword search quires.

As i have heard that’s it’s important matter and good practices here if gig found with keyword based search quires. :roll_eyes: :neutral_face:

Looking for solution :face_with_monocle:

You can find your gig. Just put the keywords/title of the gig services then search for the only online seller. Then visit each page so if your gig is not displaying on the first page then you need to do optimize your gig so it can be found on the first page.
You can get an idea from here.

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Hi Thank you for quick reply. i have searched and gone through all pages for this specific keyword “shopify” but I don’ find my gig with specific keyword in any pages, so how can i optimize my gig for this keyword?

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You need to use keywords in title first, then use relevant keywords in tag and also use in description as well. Make a picture and use keywords in it for gig. After following these guidelines hope you will be able to find your gig regarding this keyword search. You can take an idea from my gig as well.

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