How to find my old Fiverr support tickets?


Like I said, a new system makes me confused, because I don’t know where to find some unresolved support tickets.

Anybody helps?

Thank you,

Is zendesk fiverr is working fine?
We cannot see our previous tickets or active tickets on customer support site [MOD: Please RECHECK Now]
Sellers Community, I need Help!

Unable to find tickets


Whoa! I just noticed this new change… Searching for my old tickets. :grimacing:


You should receive an email when you raise a support ticket, so search in your email archives. Failing that, if there’s something specific you need, try contacting customer support.


So, I tried logging into Zendesk via an email ticket. But, it re-directed me back to the page as shown in the screenshot.


The Support system isn’t working. If I click on my support ID it brings me to the “new request” page.

It’s been like this for a few months. I wonder what this new design will bring.


It’s confusing :frowning:
If I lose my old tickets I will lose some memory.


According to my opinion, Fiverr always gives some new updates on this system and these changes make me uncomfortable:

  • A new dashboard
  • A new mailbox
  • Now, a new support system

I don’t think they are helpful. In contrast, I think it’s very complex, uncomfortable, not clearly to see or to track.

How about your opinion?


Why fiverr developer not checking before launch new updates


Luckily, we have copies of our old tickets (Email Service Provider). However, it would be nice to have them readily available via our account.


Try this and see if it works:


Tried it Maddie… It didn’t work! :weary:

Maybe if I create a new ticket, perhaps something will appear?! LOL. :rofl:


It worked for me on mobile. Haven’t tried it on desktop.


I don’t know, Nika. That link works for me every time on desktop and mobile, and it shows all my old tickets. I do have to click Sign In at the top right after going to and then I use my regular Fiverr login. I just stumbled onto it.

I’m glad it worked for you, @thecreativeguys! At least that confirms that it might work for some others.

Sellers Community, I need Help!

Thanks, Maddie!

I’ll try again in the AM on my :iphone: and iPad when my :brain: is more active. :smile:

Now, it’s time for me to count sheep. :sheep: :zzz:


How can I get back to the old support page? How can I see some old requests?


I had the same problem yesterday so I opened a new ticket and after I sent this new message I was able to see my previous tickets.
So fun !

I wonder if I will have to send them a “show me my previous tickets” message each time I want to access to the old conversations with CS. :rofl:


Did you try this link?

Note: It ONLY works if you also sign in. The sign in link is in the upper right corner.



When I sign in, it automatically goes to the new support page, not old one.


I don’t know, then. It works for me for some reason, as long as I stay signed in and refresh the Requests link. So far it has worked for one other person in the thread but no one else. :woman_shrugging: