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How to find my old Fiverr support tickets?


OK, I tried to do an instruction in this thread, I created a new ticket to ask a support. Then, I can see my old tickets.

However, when I clicked on one of these 2 tickets to read, it automatically went to a new page.

It means that I cannot read my all tickets.
I try to open them on my computer as well as my smartphone, but it’s useless.

How can I do now? I cannot contact Fiverr support.


Same for me!

I submitted a ticket (I think) - it then took me to a page where I could see a list of my old tickets. When I clicked on any of those it simply opened a new ticket up. I didn’t get an email confirmation of my ‘new’ ticket, I don’t know if it was sent/received or not.

Do I send another ticket to find out if they got the first one? If they didn’t get the first one, would they get a second one?

Wouldn’t mind but the ticket I wanted to send was about another possible bug, and all I’ve encountered is more bugs! :bug::bug::bug:


Same for me!
I don’t know what’s happening.


Ah well - at least I know it’s not just me, and you know it’s not just you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Not sure what to do now though…:worried:


Thanks for the update!

I’ve tried everything and nothing works. :weary: I’m still puzzled & confused why they would take away the linkage.


Right now you can only reply via email.

They’re working on that bug, since time to time you’ve access. Yesterday I had like 3 time access but for just 10 min maximum.


It seems that they have not found the good solution.
Today is worth than yesterday.
And yesterday was worth than the day before yesterday. :scream:


They seem to need my services ahahah


I have just received an answer from CS about this issue:

Thank you for contacting us about this. Could you please try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies, and let me know if this helps? For your convenience, here are instructions by browser for clearing your cache and cookies.
If you are not using Chrome, please note that Fiverr was developed to work optimally with Chrome. If there are any compatibility issues with your current browser, then it’s something we can look into for you.
Please let me know if this helps.

I am really surprised by this answer. It seems that they think that the problem comes from my computer, not from the website!


They always use that automatic reply to “shut” people up. Its very frustrating… They are aware of the problem… but well…


Wow, it’s not a clearing cache issue. Just for sh!ts n giggles. I did clear my cache and still no luck. :confused:

Also, my old tickets appeared as soon as I created a new ticket. I’m sure once they respond/close the ticket it will vanish again. Since creating the ticket this link Maddie shared is accessible. This thing is jacked up!


In my professional opinion. They are redirecting the page in purpose. That way less people will lose time with the support. Maybe they are lacking support employees… and the ones they’ve seems to me they dont know s*it lol
Or are being paid to send sand to our eyes. But thats not a good politic… Honesty and transparency is always the better option.


I wondered earlier why it was working for me and a few other people but no one else. I figured it out. I had a two-year-old ticket that they had never marked as solved. That was allowed me to use the link. Today they marked it as solved for whatever reason and now the link does not work for me either. I don’t actually think it’s on purpose or it wouldn’t work for anyone at anytime. I just think it’s a weird bug from the new “Help” center which IMO is worse than the old version.


How can they let that go live without a way to see our previous and open tickets?


You can see open ones with the link, as far as I know. I can see all my tickets if I have one open. I don’t know why they let it go live without fixing it. I don’t have more info than you do right now.


I’ve got one open from last week but when I click on it, again it just opens a new ticket.

I’ve just submitted a ticket, but again it just says it’s been submitted, there’s nothing anywhere to show me it exists and again no email confirmation.

Added - sent an email to support, got email confirmation of a new ticket as used to happen.

If I click on the link in the email to the ticket system, again it opens a new ticket.

It looks as if the site based ticket system doesn’t work for me at all now.


Same here today i treid it but it redirects me to new ticket :frowning:


me too !!! :frowning:


I am having same issues, even though i have followed these above instructions, when you open a new ticket and then try to view old ones, when you click on any one of them it will take you back to new ticket option. So there is clearly something wrong with support. I am also having an another issue on dashboard or order page, when you scroll down, header disappears, its suppose to be a sticky header.
Not sure what they doing to this website lol


News - I can see my tickets again! :slightly_smiling_face:

But I can’t actually add to an existing one.

This is getting very frustrating now.