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How to find order number when buyer didn't buy the gig yet

Hi everyone!

So I have a buyer who went to go buy my gig, but after a couple of days it didn’t register on fiverr. Apparently it said on her Paypal that she paid for the gig because fiverr withdrew money from her account, but it didn’t register on fiverr that she bought the gig (so I can’t say I can deliver the custom order to her because it looks like I still submitted it to her and appears she hasn’t done anything with it even though she has). We are trying to contact the customer support and they say they need an order number. I can’t seem to find an order number anywhere because I think you can only find one after the order is ordered. Does anyone know how to find it?



It wouldn’t be possible this way.

There could’ve been some problem with the transaction.

And this is not your problem and neither you should be spending time with this.

The buyer should contact customer support about the deducted funds.

Yes, they did send them an email about the deducted funds, but then she came to me saying that fiverr was asking her about what the order number was so I’m trying to find a way to supply that before I tell her that I am unable to find one. Thank you very much for your input!

This happens from time to time. And yes, it’s impossible to provide an order number as the payment does not go through, so you don’t even get a notification about the failed purchase. Think these get automatically refunded to the buyer in a few days.

And by order number I think they meant paypal transaction ID to find out the payment. :slight_smile: