How to find out interesting best buyers?


i need tips how can we find out the interesting buyers or buyers that are really willing to place an order?


Well, first of all you need to figure out who your services are designed for. Who – specifically – would you say your customers are? Once you’ve figured this out, then you need to do some research to determine where these people are? Are they on forums that you could participate on? Are they reachable with advertising campaigns? Are they reading blogs, and might be interested in a blog you write to promote your gigs?

Figure out who your customers are, and then go find them. Every business has to market and promote their services to their customers. Your gigs are a business too, so, in order to be successful, you need to go find your customers, and tell them about your services.

Your target customers are the only people who will purchase from you. Know who they are, and you’ll be on the right path to earning an income as a Fiverr freelancer.


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