How to find out which post is mine?


This is just a test post, but if you know if there is a way to find out which post is mine on the list (there was a awatar by the post before), please let me know.


I;m sorry, I don’t really understand the question. Your post has your username and your profile picture next to it. Does that help?


When you replay to my post, there is your avatar instead of mine.


Sorry, I just don’t know what you mean. My Fiverr profile picture shows next to my username. Yours shows next to your username. When i reply to you, it shows my picture and name as the person replying, and in the corner it shows your picture as the person I replied to. I don’t see it any different. Perhaps someone else will understand your issue and offer a response.


In the previous forum, when you have starter a thread, there was clear indication that this is your post. So if you wanted to find it on the list, you were just looking for your avatar in a circle. Now it’s different: when you post a thread there is an avatar of yours, but it will disappear when someone replies in this thread therefor you can’t longer see which post is yours looking just by the avatar. Please check the attachment. You just replied in my thread (2nd post) and there is your avatar there now:


Now when I reply the avatar is back to mine (1st post):


Ok, I see now. I don’t really care for that display either, but it’s what we have for now. You can see all your posts by going to your Activity page. You can get there by clicking on your own photo or by using this link:


i think you can bookmark your post …this option is given in SHOW MORE options…


or otherwise track it by my activity page…