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How To Find Quality Gigs

Hi my name is Lewis Jackson, and I am both a seller & a buyer on

From my experience, I have put together a little outline that will mainly help buyers order truly good gigs.

  1. Before you buy, contact the seller.

    As a seller myself, I love to receive questions about my gigs! It creates a rapport that is vital in a high quality delivery. I absolutely love to talk to my buyers before any sale is made because it really gets me connected to exactly who they are, and what they want. Consequently, I can deliver a higher quality of work. So if you’re looking for a high quality gig to buy, contact your potential seller, and you might just receive something better than you expect!

  2. Research Your Potential Seller

    So there are two ways to find a gig. The search tool, or via categories. First type in the search tool exactly what you want. For example ‘Golf Tips’. Once the results have appeared you have the ability to save each gig by clicking the ‘heart’ shape on their picture. For all the gigs your believe to be worthy, save them this way. Second, start searching for your gig by clicking on the category that suits it best. You will notice sometimes that some gigs fall though the cracks and were put in the wrong category, so you may find some golden gigs there too!

    After that, you can find your ‘collected’ gigs by hovering over your username on the homepage, and clicking ‘collections’ on the drop down menu. Now you’ll see all the saved gigs. No you’re mainly looking for 5 golden stars, and no, or very little negative feedback. Soon your collected gigs will start narrowing down, and you can make a better decision on the gig you want to choose.

  3. Test Your Potential Seller!

    Linking to number 1, this is like a Seller Test you can do to test a sellers response time. So, give these sellers a message about the gig, and see how long it takes them to reply! Not only will this test their response time, but you’ll also get a better feel for the enthusiasm of the seller.

    As I said in tip 1, make a rapport with the seller, and gain extra knowledge about them! Build trust, and a good relationship!

  4. Post Sale - Leaving a Review

    The reviews are what make Fiverr sellers shake in their seats! The future of a sellers Fiverr career depends on the reviews they receive. So as a buyer, maybe a rash ‘thumbs down’ isn’t the way. Try this:

    Look at the gig as a whole. Was the seller impatient? If the delivery was late, was this their fault, or were their external reasons for their late delivery? Is the product or service what less, or more than you expected? Was the seller friendly during the process? Did they help you with questions?

    Once you have asked all these questions, then start to make a decision on what you say in the feedback, and what button you click (Green, or Red).

    I think if you follow this advice as buyers, you will rarely be disappointed with a gig you buy!

    Comment below if you have more to add, and share this feed so more people can be involved!


nice share…

its all right whatever you wrote…

some times I get buyer, who do not have talk and simple place order…that really irritates me…some times task can be handle…but some times it can not handle.

When testing the sellers time response you have to keep in mind time zone differences too. Sometimes I have people message me at 2am my time, when I am bed. Therefore, my response time will be very delayed since I do not start working until 9am.

Reply to @victoria91: Yeah thats true! They should also look at the flag next to the name! Thanks!

Good point Victoria - I guess that’s one benefit I have being that I have a team of Virtual Assistants around the world - there’s exactly a 12 hour time zone difference between the Philippines and East Coast USA. So we always have someone available at a moment’s notice. Although, I do not think most have that luxury! haha Cheers!

Yes, I indeed Agree. Always do double check on what seller offers to us. IT is very important to contact the seller in advance to get informed as complete as possible

I think, If you,

Read gig’s description carefully

See samples and portfolio

See feedback under the gig

You’ll find the right seller :)>-

Well said Lewiswjackson. I know that some sellers don’t give enough information on what they are really offering and when a buyer places a order, after delivering the product or service, the buyer is disappointed and goes straight down and rate the seller thumbs down.

This is why sellers must really explain what they can do or what they intend doing in a lay man’s language.

And as a buyer, if you are confused on what a particular buyer is offering or he/she does not give a detailed explanation about the offer. Please it’s better to take a minute or two and ask if he/she can do what you have in mind.

See you at the top.


Reply to @victoria91: that’s happening to me too.

what do you do when you have sellers that say one thing when you get a quote then once you order the gig they change and request more gigs? or when you order the gig they take days to not do the work then you have to cancel because they refuse to reply back after you have paid for the gig? how do you keep your cancelations down with those types of sellers? these questions are to sellers…thanks

Reply to @referyoumore: You have some good questions! There are many forum posts on these topics. Go to the top right of the screen, and type cancellations in the search tool

Hey lewis, nice article with good tips…My question for you is, can you take back a review?? Or once you posted it is posted? If you can, can you tell me how. Thank you!

Those are good tips, thank you :slight_smile: I don’t buy much (I made 1 sale so far) but I will in the future and this helps a lot.

Nice article.It will eventually help sellers.

Very true. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Reply to @web_solution:

Also any Buyer Find Quality Gigs by Seller Feedback and Other Buyer Comment.

That’s great! Thanks for your tips :slight_smile:

Sheriff’s Note: Self Promotion goes in the MY FIVERR GIGS section. Do not hi-jack topics.

Reply to @lewiswjackson: I think that the response time ‘test’ is futile. Why should one re-evaluate their choice of seller based on the flag next the their name?

There are some really amazing gigs hosted by sellers from various countries. It would be unfair to discredit them because of a delayed response time. Some sellers may respond quicker than others but, that does not serve as a clear indication that a quick response time results in a quality product or a better service.

Communication is key. I’d prefer to communicate with an expert who takes 2 days to respond than an amateur who responds within the hour. You need to evaluate experience and skill over response time.

I do agree to everything else that you posted.

always checkout before you buy, very important.

As a seller myself, I care much about Perfect communication. Sometimes I explain everything to potential customers and I had situations where few of them got away due to my high prize(still under market prize!)

However, I’m not stopping the great replies I write everyday …