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How to find sellers from Spain?


Hi there!

I’m newbie and I’m having some troubles.

I need to make a national promotion. I need to promote a Spanish web for two different Spanish kind of users.

There is a way to make a seleccion of Spanish (or say French, Portuguese, Italian…etc.) sellers only?

Thank you very much!


Hi bachas! Thanks :slight_smile:

Good to know cause I have some plans to do for South America but by now what I need is to make 3 promotions with TW, FB or similars to increase the visits to my webs, 2 of them from very focused users:

1- To all kind of users.

2- Spanish advertising agencies.

3- DIY supplies shops and bloggers.

I don’t even know if there is someone who can do this accurate user promotion deliver but I would be happy enough if I got to make the promotion to Spanish only kind of users :slight_smile: